Credit Counselling Services

How does the Credit Counselling program work?

The credit counselling service is for anyone experiencing stress and problems due to over-indebtedness and/or money management difficulties.

The objective of the program is to alleviate the financial situation which can create problems in the home, job and even affect the physical and emotional health of individuals. All individuals who demonstrate a willingness to resolve their financial situation are eligible.

Credit Counselling is dedicated to offering a helping hand to our community. There are big problems and there are little problems, and we cater to both. We are here to help you.

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How can I get started?

We offer a convenient Walk-In Service on a first come, first serve basis on Monday and Wednesday. You can also call (613)932-1266 for a scheduled appointment if you are not able to attend our Walk-In Services. Clients are usually seen very quickly.

What about fees?

There are no fees for counselling, but a fee exists for the Debt Management Program. This will be discussed in your initial interview.

Accredited Member
of the Ontario Association
of Credit Counselling Services

26 Montreal Road
Cornwall, ON
K6H 1B1

(613)932-4610 (Family Counselling)
(613)932-1266 (Credit Counselling)
(613)932-5765 (Fax)

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