Handball tips

Handball tips

Handball Tips Today – Analyze you the best handball matches and offer the best handball betting tips. Here are the sports betting tips and forecasts for the most important handball matches in Hungary and in the Champions League. We are particularly focused on the Champions League, both for men and women’s handball, but you also find tips on matches in the Hungarian championships and the best leagues in Europe.

Handball Tips – Where can I receive this sport?

Handball tips

Fortunately, quite a few online bookmakers nowadays include this sport. However, the offerings of the host offices are quite different. For some bookmakers, only a few more prestigious events (eg Eb, World Cup, EHF Championship League) can be welcomed, and betting conditions are not really good either. While other companies are much wider, for example, we can welcome the Hungarian, Swedish and Danish championship clashes in several markets.

Reception Guide – Handball

Handball tips

Handball is most popular in Europe, but that does not mean that it has not set its feet on other continents. In Africa, Asia and South America, many people are chasing this sport, and even the United States have already begun to be actively interested in handball-they would become a decisive factor in the men’s and women’s world championships in the next few years.

The rules of the game are not complicated, easy to learn, especially while receiving handball! After all, in order to choose the best odds, you need to be aware of the power of each club and national teams that you should make sure. The top of the sport is the European and World Championships and the Champions League, where the best teams of the old continent measure their strength. There are several types of betting, but before we get more into the handball reception variation, a short rule information is followed.

During a handball match, two teams of 6+1 play against each other on a 40 × 20 meter pitch. The match will be won by the team that scores more goals when an equal number of goals are scored, the match will end with a draw. The replacement players sit on the bench, as many as a match can be done in a single match, up to 7 field players can be on the pitch at a time, but the goalkeeper has to be replaced and the opponent can score a goal in the event of a ball.

The ball should only be tossed by hand, and it is forbidden to fit in with the feet, except for the goalkeepers who can handle all parts of their body. Each match is directed by two equal referees, the clash consists of two 30 -minute halves, with 10 or 15 minutes break: judges can stop the clock in some cases (and sometimes mandatory) the clock, in this respect the handball is very different from the football, whereas, The end of the game compensates for lost minutes. There is never an addition to the handball at the end of the halves.

The names of the posts sound like: goalkeeper, right -wing, right -hander, manager, left -hander, left -wing, resistant. It doesn’t count as a separate post, but the best teams usually have a player who is only on the pitch for defense. The original post of the defensive specialist is usually a shot or a shot.

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