4 Open secrets that casinos would never love to tell you

secrets of casinos

The rules of casino are quite transparent and clean, but there are facts that, even if they do not hide but do not like to promote casinos, try to distract them, as they are not very beneficial for them. All the more so to the players, that is, for you … our article primarily introduces the secrets of traditional casinos, but we have tried to share useful advice at each point for online casinos.

Krups also make a mistake sometimes

Like the casinos are not the same, nor are the people who work there, who, no matter how strange, can have a bad day, sleepless nights, privacy rehearsals, so sometimes they make a mistake. Not too often, but it may happen that the card distributor divides one or fewer cards, or accidentally reveals the divided card, forgives the numbers on the roulette, and distributes less or more chips. This fact is not too beneficial to casinos, as they like to maintain their superior, elegant and infallible image, but if you experience anything like that, do not hesitate to speak!

In the case of online casinos, the errors are virtually unknown, as everything in the background is machinery (computer programs) to do, draw, count. It can only occur in live online casinos, though not really there, at least we haven’t encountered such a case.

Cameras watch all your movements!

secrets of casinos

You may have noticed that almost every square centimeter in the casinos is covered with cameras and is constantly being observed in all the movements of all guests moving in the playing field. Casinos take their safety very seriously, so you better prepare for being observed. Everywhere, but really everywhere there are cameras that the security team is constantly watching. There are a casino where thousands of cameras scan the interior. Feel safe, because no one will be exposed, but be aware that you cannot commit any continuity with impunity!

This is also the case with online casinos, of course, the location of the camera is taken over by an intelligent program that saves your online casino habits and will recommend that you play on the basis of your next entry.

In private poker rooms usually do not have a camera

secrets of casinos

However, there is a place where this is not the case in most places, the private poker rooms. Casinos may not want to tie this to your nose, but here you are exempt from close observation, whether it is beneficial to you or not. You can relax here!

Casinos are aware that beginners lose more in general

Beginners are welcomed in every casino, as their goal is to popularity and attendance as possible, but they are also aware that the green -eared player can lose more because of his inexperience than his rubbed and experienced companions. Of course, this is not always the case, as a “big old” can have bad days, but there is a good chance. So what you can do if you are a beginner, that you are not sitting down to play with blood professionals, but looking for the company of similar beginners! And if you are a professional, you have nothing to do but enjoy the game and a comparable mood!

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