Online casino free starting capital, does it exist?

Online casino free

Online casinos are also extremely popular in Hungary, many people would try them, but of course they would like to receive free initial capital from the casino. Does this exist at all, and if so, what are the general conditions for using the free bonus? We covered this topic thoroughly in our article.

Let’s start with the most important information. The no-deposit welcome bonus – because this is the official name of the free starting capital offered by online casinos – exists. Of course, not all online casinos and online bookmakers offer it and it is not always available.

The fact that casinos sometimes come up with really amazing offers is not exactly new, nor is it unique to online casinos. If you have ever been to a traditional casino, you must have noticed that the staff always tries to please the guests. I remember when I was in Las Vegas for the first time, I was quite surprised that they brought me the best drinks for free during the game. Since such a solution cannot really be implemented in online casinos, game organizers resort to other methods. For example, they give you free money in the form of a welcome bonus.

Of course, as strange as it sounds, the free starting capital you get from the online casino has a price. The casino binds both the use of the money and the distribution of the prize to specific conditions. Let’s see what the frequent questions are about this:

Can I really get free starting capital from the online casino?

Yes, if you see that a bonus is no deposit, you essentially get free money, the casino gives you free starters. We have collected the free bonuses here for you.

Is the no-deposit bonus basically free starting capital?

Online casino free

Yes exactly. The two mean the same thing, this is its official and commonly used name.

How can I get this free starting capital?

In most cases, you must register on the website of the online casino offering the free bonus and, as described there, indicate that you would like to receive the free starting capital. This can be done by clicking on a certain element on the registration interface (e.g. requesting a free bonus, activating a free bonus) or you have to request it in an online chat, or you have to write to a previously specified e-mail address after you have registered on the site.

During registration, they ask for a copy of my identity card or passport, is this normal?

Considering that according to the current Hungarian and European Union rules, only persons over 18 years of age can participate in gambling, yes. So don’t be surprised if, in general, when you register at an online casino, you have to go through a verification round before you can start playing. This is definitely worth taking into account, but basically it’s just that you have to present some kind of official paper.

Can I redeem the free money as many times as I want in the online casino?

Online casino free

Of course not. Online casinos give these free no deposit bonuses only to new players and only once. If you have already registered at the given casino or participated in the same promotion before, you cannot use the free bonus again. Of course, casinos rarely deviate from this, so it is always worth reading the current conditions.

To what conditions does the online casino bind the use of the free bonus?

It can only be used by adults (over 18). In addition, these discounts are intended for new players and can usually be used for specific game types or specific games of the online casino.

What conditions can the online casino attach to the withdrawal of money won with the help of free capital?

Bonuses given by casinos are usually subject to wagering and wagering requirements. This means that before you can withdraw the free capital received through the free bonus, you have to play it every time. Therefore, signing up for the free bonus and then awarding it to yourself without playing is not a viable option.

If you want to try online casino, then a no deposit welcome bonus, or as it is often referred to as a free bonus, is the best opportunity. We have collected the exclusive offers available from us below. Don’t forget, these offers don’t last forever, so it’s worth taking advantage of them as soon as possible.


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