Top 7 casino movies

casino movies

The movies that we have collected are about casinos, gambling, or just take place in casinos, for those who are interested in this extremely interesting and exciting world. In our opinion, this is the Top 7 casino cinema that you should definitely see.

7. Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

The opening act of Ocean’s Eleven takes place almost entirely in Las Vegas, with an amazing cast, maybe a bit corny, but still an exciting story and, of course, the happy ending that was mandatory in Hollywood at the time. If you’re wondering what the hottest casinos in Las Vegas looked like at the turn of the millennium, this movie really does a good job of evoking the milieu of that time. It might not be a big secret if we tell you that this won’t be the only movie on our “casino top list” that takes place in Las Vegas, the capital of casinos.

6. Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royal is perhaps one of the most successful James Bond movies of the last decades. When the fanbase devoted to the 007 films found out who would be the reformer of the new series, a protest was almost formed against the veto of the decision. Then the otherwise extremely talented Daniel Craig shaped James Bond so authentically that all objections disappeared almost immediately. As Casino Royal deserves its name, a large part of it takes place in a casino, and the main villain is played by Mads Mikkelsen, also known as an excellent actor. A must-have item for casino fans.

5. Fear and Trembling in Las Vegas (1988)

casino movies

In Terry Gilliam’s cult film, a heavily ripped journalist and his friend, a lawyer who also does not disdain LSD, visit Las Vegas, where they start running amok together. The former is shaped by Johnny Depp, the latter by Benico del Toro, I don’t think it needs to be fashionable, just brilliantly. Unforgettable and crazy movie, if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time to make up for it!

4. Rainman (1988)

Amazingly, Rainman turned 32 years old at the time of writing this article in 2020. In terms of the story of the extremely emotional film, it is really significant from two points of view. On the one hand, he drew attention to an extremely strange and fortunately rare disease, autism, and on the other hand, he showed that there are people who are really capable of counting more blackjack decks in casinos. Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman are a winning couple on the big screen.

3. Poker Faces (1998)

casino movies

The 1998 film Pokerfaces, in which Matt Damon plays the main role, takes you into the world of casinos, including poker tables. An extremely smart young man preparing to become a lawyer, although he no longer plays poker for the sake of his girlfriend, he still has to return to the card table to save his best friend (Edward Norton). The film is full of tension almost from the first minute to the last, and although you can already know the ending long before the end, the last game is a play that can be watched several times for casino and poker lovers, even knowing the outcome.

2. Hangovers (2009)

Másnaposok stands out from the list of top-rated movies that (also) show the world of casinos, because it is not a drama, but rather belongs to the comedy category. One of the best among them. The protagonists of the story want to have a bachelor party in Las Vegas, the capital of crime. Things start well on the roof of the hotel called Caesars Palace: after a toast and then a cut, the company wakes up in the room the next day, somewhat exhausted. The only problem is that neither the groom nor one of his buddies have any teeth, and of course no one remembers anything. The investigation leads from casino to casino, with fantastic visuals, blackjack, card counting, a crying child, a Chinese mafia leader fighting naked, this is one of our favorites.

1. Casino (1985)

Boom-boom. And the first place on our list is none other than Martin Scorsese’s film released in cinemas in 1985, in which it deals with the true story of Las Vegas with an amazing cast and brilliant acting. In the movie Casino, you can learn how the desert turned into a practically legal currency printing house, while the movie excitingly presents the story of a casino manager turned bookmaker and his entourage of mobsters, matchmakers, and swindlers, in which power and greed are the primary motivation. The main roles are played by already legendary actors such as Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, or Joe Pesci. If you are interested in gambling, this movie is a must see. If not, still.

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