Symbols of the slot machines


The Wild symbol is usually the most valuable symbol on the reels, substituting for other regular symbols except the Scatter symbol. Wild, similar to the Joker card in card games, is the versatile Jolly Joker. The Wild can also be responsible for the Jackpot prize of the game, when it is spun in a given number or shape, the jackpot can arrive. More modern online slots come with several types of Wild symbols, Shifting Wilds, Sticky Wilds, Expanding Wilds, in which case each Wild has a different function. It is usually present in the form of the letter “W” or in the form of some hint.

The Scatter symbol is another important symbol in slot machines, it usually activates bonuses, mini-games, it usually fits organically into the theme of the game, in the description of the game you will find the image of the Scatter symbol and exactly what functions it is responsible for, and how much of it must be collected for which function.

Sticky Symbols are sticky symbols that stay in place for a few spins, thereby helping to form winning/hitting shapes. The presence of Stikcy symbols in itself can mean a monetary reward, for a given amount.

Multipliers, multiplier symbols can come in the form of special multiplier symbols, or paired with other symbols, or even during mini-games. Every multiplier gets your pulse racing, the Jackpot prize is also responsible for a gigantic multiplier that multiplies your current bet.

How online slots work


All of the online slot machines are based entirely on a random number generator (Random Number Generator – RNG), which is responsible for each event, occurrence, and prize.

There is a lot of fear that the online casinos are constantly controlling the slot machines from the background, or that we can influence the operation of the slot machines with such tricks.

Well, the slot machines are controlled exclusively by the RNG, the software of the slot machines is inspected by official bodies, and untested slot machines cannot be officially exposed to the public. Online casinos are also first inspected by official bodies, and they cannot be present on the market without their permission. The licenses of the Maltese Gambling Authority/Supervision and the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commissions, as well as Curacao Gambling, the three most important licenses, should also be searched on the website of the relevant authorities to see if the license of the given online casino can be found. If the given online casino has a license from one of these specialized authorities, you can safely play with them, their operation is controlled, legal, and complies with all regulations. Prestigious online casinos with such serious licenses are guaranteed not to trick the winnings, the house advantage is always with the casinos anyway, this is more than enough for them to generate a profit, they are not in need of old background tricks.

The RNG is therefore set in stone, more precisely in the software, it cannot be influenced in any way, legal casinos are guaranteed not to experiment with anything, and players cannot influence the processes of slot machines with any tricks, magic spells, goat sacrifices or rain dances. The random number generator shows that we are dealing entirely with gambling, in the case of slot machines everything depends entirely on luck, we only have control over how much money we make per spin and when we spin the wheels.


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